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Project information

Client: Vantone Real Estate Co. Ltd.

Project Date: June 2012

Site Location:  Beijing, China

Project Status: Concept Design

This project - on the outskirts of Beijing - is for a prestigious Chinese developer committed to creating innovative sustainable housing solutions.

The scheme consists of 5 townhouses, one of which will be retained as a permanent zero-carbon exhibition centre for promoting the technologies and design principles to the Chinese market and construction industry. Each home will incorporate a 10kW ZEDroof PV system, Solar thermal, zero-carbon cooling technology, wind cowls with heat recovery and all the standard ZED specification levels of superinsulation, thermal mass, solar gain and airtightness. We hope to utilise a number of innovative and low embodied energy construction materials such as laminated bamboo beams and low cement content GGBS ceiling and wall structures. The project is on course to achieve the highest possible ‘LEED Platinum’ rating.

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