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ZEDpower started planning BedZED in 1998. From day one, the company has been exclusively committed to low carbon building and development. Using tried and tested technologies, ZEDpower creates designs that are stimulating and practical on a daily basis, yet distinctive, economic and reliable in the long term.

Today, ZEDpower is a leader in the field of zero-carbon design and development, with a unique track record of delivering Zero (fossil) Energy Development (ZED) buildings in the UK and worldwide. The company offers the full range of architectural services, from master-planning and design of large-scale ‘Eco-villages’ to one-off individual building commissions. 

ZEDpower also works closely with leading UK academics and consultants to model-predicted energy consumption and production, fluid dynamics and whole life cycle carbon costs of their designs to ensure they achieve the lowest environmental impact possible.

 We have extensive experience in the design and realisation of energy efficient buildings of all types and sizes. The company’s designs for zero carbon building projects are sought out by clients around the world.

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