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We use the word "ZEDlife" to describe how everyone could live in a way that will make things better if they knew how.

The ZED Life

Building a low carbon society today

Rethinking Housing – from the inside out

Rethinking Housing


Creating a home with near zero net annual energy costs is now the only way to build

batv copy.png

A 1kwh Solar-charged exchangeable battery that can power any household appliance.


If we build to ZED standards :

Then we can build a two bed starter home that hardly needs any heating in the UK – about 1.5 kw requiring about 5 kwh of electricity / day as the input to a heat pump

This enables a typical home’s hot water demand to be met by 3 kwh of electricity / day as the input to a heat pump

Then the additional electric loads can be reduced to around 2kwh / day


A typical ZED home requires about 10 kwh of electricity / day for most of the year




Zero carbon retrofit of existing buildings including Rockwool insulation, airtightness and 'Powerclad' system.

However if 10.5 kwh of batteries are built into the home – this can minimise the need to import electricity to the point where it is less than the summer exported electricity

One Planet Business Centre

The same kit of parts can be used to upgrade existing buildings – often overcladding them with both BIPV and additional insulation.

Hocking House

This generates enough solar electricity for most of the year to meet the daily demand.


So now your home can provide valuable personal electric transportation – particularly when its sunny

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