The Kit of Parts System

The ZEDlife team have designed a kit of parts system called ZEDmodular with each component or labour service turned into a fixed price module. Each material or labour module neatly fits together to provide a finished home.

The prefabricated 38 m2 modules stack together to create a variety of different house types ranging from 6 bedroom apartments designed for younger people sharing living rooms and kitchens to smaller conventional apartments and larger homes for extended families.

Living Space Module
Kitchen & Dining Module
Bedrooms Module
Bedroom & Living Module
Home Office Module

The Unit is a new, flexible, housing concept based on purpose-built shared houses, designed to offer the best of communal living whilst at the same time creating high quality, safe private bedrooms. With a higher density townhouse model utilising efficient build systems, it proposes a model offering rents that young people on low incomes can afford whilst at the same time minimising the running costs of the properties.

The Kit of Parts concept envisages developments that are designed specifically for sharers, providing good quality shared houses that offer excellent facilities and communal living space.


BIPV Roof & Facade

Solar-charged exchangeable batteries

E-car charging points

Secure E-bike parking spaces

A Proper Urban System

Instead of just stacking shipping containers like a supermarket aisle, the Kit of Parts system is designed to create efficient study bedrooms with their own bathrooms and larger communal living spaces with sheltered roof terraces and conservatories. Capable of creating permanent streets ranging from one to three stories, it achieves excellent densities — achieving 260 bedspaces/ha if required