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ZED Eco-village

Project information

Client: Empeendimentas

Project Date: 2019

Site Location: Ecogrove, United Kingdom

Project Status: Under construction

EcoGrove is a new flagship urban eco-village currently under construction. It has been designed to enhance each residents’ quality of life, whilst making a step-change reduction in their personal carbon emissions.

This regenerates an area which has suffered unplanned development and contributed to significant degradation of the local Green Belt. The development of 89 five-bedroom homes integrates an urban farm run by a local charity and shows how Code 6 of the Government’s Code for Sustainable Homes can be delivered economically and provide homes that are easy to sell with the potential for net-zero annual energy bills.

As well as being super-energy efficient and durably built to last over 100 years, the homes are well-specified and modern, and are designed to be healthy, easy to run, light and well-ventilated. No toxic ‘Grenfell materials’ have been specified, and the homes should be overall climate-neutral from cradle to grave. Micro-generation technologies, including solar panels to generate electricity, will be fitted to individual homes.

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