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Jingdezhen Ceramic Cultural Centre

Project information

Client: Yourun International

Project Date: 2014

Site Location: Jingdezhen City, China

Project Status: Planning Application

Jingdezhen, named in honour of local fine white clay and bone-like porcelain. The distinctive blue and white glaze and traditional artwork were copied all over Europe. The city of Jingdezhen has been the focus of the Chinese ceramic industry for millennia, and has become the global ambassador for one of the most refined art forms from an ancient culture. The architecture and master planning are by ZEDfactory and will be one of the best global examples of low carbon urbanism applied to an interesting and diverse public realm.

The really big idea in this project is to move the solar farm from the valuable farmland outside the city into where electricity is needed in the city centre. Making the solar farm into a translucent ventilated glazed roof sheltering the main circulation routes from rain and sun creates pedestrian friendly streets in all weathers and increases the commercial value of plots farthest from the main city road.

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