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Grande Synthe Rural ZED

Project information

Client:  ZED Factory MMC

Project Date: 2007

Site Location: Grande Synthe, France

Project Status: Construction Finished

RuralZED has been designed to provide zero-carbon low to medium density housing solutions for 70% of the UK that is built up to 50 homes/ha. It has redefined what is technically possible and merged the important ‘Placemaking’ agenda with the ‘zero carbon house’. A range of specification options has been developed to provide a full zero carbon specification or be gradually upgradable over a number of years.RuralZEDTM has a hybrid laminated timber frame, strong enough to support thermally massive walls, floor finishes and ceilings. It has been designed to provide flexible masterplan options allowing all orientations. The system encourages local variety and materials encouraging the development of the local vernacular. One major advantage of using kit systems is the ability to provide fixed prefabricated kit prices with volume discounts. This greatly helps in the drive to bring down prices in an industry that is still fearful of the added cost of low/ zero carbon housing.

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