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Gaza Regeneration Concept

The ZEDfactory concept is to provide thermally massive, permanent low cost shelter as quickly as possible. The system as designed can be erected in a matter of weeks on site with a two to three month lead in time to allow some off site prefabrication of components.

Low cost galvanized steel plates designed to last 100 years minimum are assembled on site to create single story and two story structural enclosures. These need minimal or no concrete foundations, and can float on compacted gravel or crushed concrete capped with sand. Specially designed insulated structural trefoil chairs help the structural tubular enclosures stack vertically, and support cantilever steel stairs and landings, whilst also acting as a retaining wall.

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Crushed scrap expanding polystyrene insulation salvaged from the waste stream, and waterproofed with a continuous sheet of butyl rubber membrane. A protective mat of sand and aggregate then supports at least 500 mm of topsoil - enabling the rooftops to become a productive garden capable of growing vegetables, supporting lawn, or growing shrubs. Solar electric panels and evacuated tube solar collectors supported on simple galv steel trusses span across the pedestrian streets, providing both power generation and shade.

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